Panties & Vids for Sale

It’s been quite some time since I posted on here, and lots of things have happened since. Work has been sporadic until I begin a new job in two weeks. In the meantime, I just listed a bunch of video and panty auctions on ebanned.


If you’re having trouble viewing the auctions, it’s probably because you have to be logged in in order to see them. Here’s the list just in case:


Unsolicited Dick Picks & Messages from Instagram Fans

Bite me.
Bite me.

I have clearly stated on my Instagram account that I DO NOT WANT to see dick pics, and I’m not trading pics, either. I really don’t know what goes through the minds of some of these men except flat out stupidity and self-centeredness.

Another reason I don’t answer unsolicited messages…

I have lost count how many dick pics that get sent to me. Probably hundreds. Most I don’t even bother to look at anymore.

This is a turnoff.
This is a turnoff.


Why do they feel the need to tell women these things? A compliment is fine, but no one wants to hear about you jacking your dick.


Please don't tell me about it.
Please don’t tell me about it.


Like you've ever had the chance.
Like you’ve ever had the chance.


I didn't ask for this.
I didn’t ask for this.


Highly doubt an actual woman is behind this profile.
Highly doubt an actual woman is behind this profile.


Not for free.


Not going to open it.


You look like a kid, and no.


So full of yourself.


No, you don’t fuck me. You’re a minor.


I’ll send him to SextPanther for my number.

Crazy Ass Messages from Foot Fetish Fans

Love my stilettos
Love my stilettos

I just thought I’d post some of the crazy ass messages I get on Facebook from foot fetish fans. This is one of the main reasons I hardly respond to messages on social media, besides the fact that it’s extremely time consuming. After receiving enough messages like these, I tend to stop bothering to check messages at all.

This kind of message results in me blocking you.
This kind of message results in me blocking you.


Sometimes I have to translate the messages. It’s probably not the greatest translator, but it appears this guy wants to stop watching porn. lmao


Yeah, I’m going to just up and go with some strange dude that talks about himself in third person.

Ummm... no.
Ummm… no.


And sometimes I just like to be a smart ass.

These toes were made for walking.
These toes were made for walking.


Let’s Talk About Condoms

Condoms: Latex or Lambskin?
Condoms: Latex or Lambskin?

I’ve always been a big believer in condom use, especially after learning the hard way years ago that the birth control pill isn’t very effective while using antibiotics, and other prescription methods weren’t compatible with my body.

I’ve probably tried several different types and brands of condoms, but there is always one or two that are preferable and reliable. Reliability is the #1 concern, otherwise, there would be no need for it in the first place, right? I’ve only had a condom break once, and it was an off-brand that I’d never heard of, probably some cheap shit made in China purchased at a gas station.

I’m not a big fan of regular latex condoms, because they irritate me and rub me raw. However, since Lifestyles brand is often given away free, it’s probably what I’ve used most. I’ve also used condoms with spermicides, and I will never use them again. They burned like hell and rubbed me raw, which caused more burning. I’ve also used ribbed condoms and found a little bit more sensation “for her pleasure,” but nothing too significant to pay the extra money.

I’m just finding out about polyurethane condoms, and I’m not sure I’ve used them before. From the Trojan website, the reviews seem to be fine except from men that said they were too small. I had a similar issue with a friend using Trojan’s Lambskin Condoms – he claimed they were too tight and he had no feeling. I’m not sure if he was telling the truth or not, so I made him use a latex condom instead.

For me personally, lambskin condoms have been absolutely awesome when it comes to feeling. It’s like not using anything at all. I suppose that’s why they are only good for pregnancy prevention and not for STD infections. These are great if you’re in a monogamous relationship, but if you’re having sex outside of that, they’re probably not the best choice. Another downside to lambskin condoms is the cost; the average price is $16 for only three condoms. I can go through the entire box in one day when I’m really in the mood. 😉

So now it’s my turn to ask the questions to my readers – what is your preferred condom and why?

More Amusing Text Messages to a MILF Cougar

Just say no to annoying texts.
Just say no to annoying texts.

There seems to be a never-ending supply of this material! From the last post on this topic, this is the same guy that’s always asking “How’s your day?” or “How was your weekend?” over and over and over. This time he texted “Happy New Year” and I answered back the same. I have learned to avoid answering questions like these, because he wants to hear ALL of my sex stories (apparently via text as opposed to my blog), then he proceeds to ask me 150 questions (which are also repetitive). I’ve actually gone off on him before telling him that he asks the same f%^*ing questions over and over, that it gets old, and why is he so interested in my sex life? I know for a fact he gets off on these stories, but I’m not going to sit and text about it for hours when I have a blog that he can read to get his jollies off.




Then there’s this guy. I named him this in my phone, because I couldn’t for the life of me ever remember his name, even though it’s fairly common. I suppose it’s just because I have no interest in dating him. We did hang out one evening, but there was no sex involved. He had horrible breath and I wasn’t into him at all. I guess he’s to be admired for his tenacity, but begging just makes him look super pathetic.








And now he’s begging.





Just Some Holiday Stuff…

I want meaningful gifts.
I want meaningful gifts.

I’m not a big fan of the holidays, and I never have been (unless you count Halloween). I suppose it stems from my later childhood years, because things were always really stressful in my home. I’m also not a fan of spending a shit ton of money on a bunch of stupid crap that will eventually be broken or thrown away or outdated in a year. Not only is it a waste of money, it’s meaningless. I prefer to have experiences that give me wonderful memories, and I make my own meaningful gifts to give.

Except during the years I was married, I have spent a lot of holidays alone and/or single. Today I was reading through old emails and realized that I wasn’t alone two years ago at Christmas, because I had just started seeing Bawh-ston, and he kind of hung around even though I was trying to spend some time with family. I didn’t mind, because I liked him at the time, but he had pretty much invited himself. Last Christmas I was single, so a single girl friend of mine and I decided to take a short trip and drink cocktails… and we had a blast.

New Year’s Eve is a different story. I have spent the last three alone. I think last year I didn’t even bother staying up; I just said f*ck it and went to sleep early. The year before that I was still seeing Bawh-ston, but I’d bought myself a concert ticket and went by myself, because he couldn’t afford to go. And the year before that, I was newly single but driving back from a trip from out of town and (gladly) came back to an empty house.

This year? For Christmas, I spent time with family and my new cub (will blog about him later). I have no idea what this weekend will bring me. I haven’t made plans, and I really don’t care to spend money on going anywhere. Plus, I am not a fan of crowds. I would prefer to hang out with my cub somewhere in nature, have a few drinks, and ring in the New Year quietly. But we will see about that.

Amusing Text Messages to a Cougar MILF

Amusing myself with unmatched panties.
Amusing myself with unmatched panties.

I have to turn my ringer off at night, because sometimes I get these random messages at times when no one should be contacting me unless it’s an emergency.

This one, for example, came from a guy from out of town that I met about four years ago right after my breakup. It was probably the worst sex of my life. He was 33 and had no idea what he was doing in bed. I never saw him again, although he did text me once in a while. But this was the last text I ever received, and we hadn’t communicated in some time, so this was clearly out of nowhere. I think he got the hint.


This comes from a friend that I have hooked up with once or twice. He has some pretty interesting stories and fantasies that we discuss. He may or may not be reading my blog material… 😉 But he sends the same messages asking the same damn questions, and I don’t have time to text all day long, because that’s how it ends up when I do answer him.

New material, please.
New material, please.

I like to f*ck with wrong numbers. This one amused the hell out of me but apparently not them. I was hoping to keep the conversation going. 😉

Maybe Lexi isn’t sexy.

Other Sh*t Camgirls Put Up With

I should stand on their balls.
I should stand on their balls.

If you’re unfamiliar with cam sites, there’s a chat room where fans hang out and can chat, make comments, etc., while viewing the camgirl on video. Sometimes people sit in the room saying nothing at all, watching everything for free, not even saying hello and certainly not tipping.

Then there are the ones that actually do have a pleasant conversation, which keeps the room lively and helps the camgirl feel like she’s not talking to herself. This also makes the camgirl want to stay on camera instead of turning it off and doing her nails.

And then there are these guys… losers only looking to play for free and take attention out of the chat room. They usually send private messages, but once you tell them you charge for that, they quickly leave. They’re the biggest and most annoying time-wasters of all, usually going from room to room hoping to get lucky.

For example – I told this guy I’d watch him for 50 tokens. (Most do not have tokens or aren’t willing to pay.) I never heard from him again, and I don’t believe he has a “model following” as he claims. Most of them are completely full of shit.

Hi! My cam is on for you right now and I am dying to show off my 9 inch cock to you! I’ve got a following of models who enjoy watching me stroke and tease my cock for them until I cum. My cam is on, can you see?

This one copies and pastes the same comments each time and never tips. I tell them they cannot demand or ask things of the model without tipping. Models get annoyed, because there usually isn’t just one or two or even three guys asking for free things in chat. We’re not there to entertain you for free. Most models have “room rules”, one of the main is to have respect.  Just because we are online partly clothed doesn’t mean you have the right to order us around. We have a job, which sometimes makes half of minimum wage when the room is full of cheap assholes like this:

will you read something for me please???

read aloud please….missy your husband kenny wants your mom rosetta to watch him masturbate


i want my wife to hear you

would you like to see my mother in laws picture

she is next to me now

you can show it on cam so everyone can see her

pm me your snapchat username so i can send it to you

you can block me after you get the pic

This stuff happens each time I cam, and since repeating myself is a pet peeve of mine, you can imagine how annoyed I get. Besides, other guests in the room don’t care to see that either. From now on, any time someone asks me to do something without tipping, I’m going to kick them out temporarily as a punishment. I should probably learn more about “punishment”…

Work vs Private Life as a Cam Girl

My boobs are real during private and work hours.
My boobs are real during private and work hours.

Writing this blog has been therapeutic. It’s allowing me to remind myself of the mistakes of my past and the patterns that keep emerging. It also reminds me the importance of keeping the balance between my work and personal endeavors, which are often combined.

One of the things that I deal with on a daily basis is men that I personally know asking me tons of personal questions and expecting me to send them photos and/or vids for free, taking both private and work time away from my activities. When I’m in the mood, I might give in, but for them to expect it kind of pisses me off. I am charging strange men for the same thing, so what makes these guys think they’re so special? This is one of the things I am changing about myself… limiting my time with freeloaders that won’t even offer to take me out on a real date. Not only is it another reminder of how selfish people can be, it also turns me off. And working in this field, I need to be turned on as much as possible. 🙂

Since I work from home, my private and work life are also intertwined here. I live in a place about the size of a shoebox, which worked fine when I was working out of the home. But now I’m feeling the squeeze with very little space to conduct shows, store items that are auctioned off, and my “office space” creating a mess in my living room. Between the lighting I use for camming and the desk area full of paperwork, I don’t exactly like inviting people over, because it just seems too crowded and messy now, and I don’t always have time to break down everything and hide it. So I’m considering a move within the next six months to a year, depending on how my financial situation works out with this gig.

And here’s another dilemma: telling people what I actually do for a living. The other job that cut my hours hasn’t needed me at all for the last two months. (This was no surprise, which is why I started working in the adult industry – cannot rely on employers anymore!) I’ve always managed to do multiple jobs anyway, so I come up with things to tell people – photo editing and writing projects (which is all true), and I leave it at that.

My family knows nothing about this, and I don’t feel I need to tell them a thing until I start making a really decent, steady income. A handful of my guy friends know, some of which have been helpful. Other than that, I’ve only been able to tell one of my female friends. I’m pretty sure the rest would feel differently about me and look down upon me for promoting “porn” – which is something most of them have complained about with their husbands. So I can’t exactly say ummm yeah, I’m doing something that you absolutely hate your husband looking at. I do feel that at some point, I’m going to be discovered either by someone that knows and feels the need to out me or perhaps recognizes me. I’m not sure I’m ready for that to happen yet, but when it does, I’m going to use it to my advantage.

Haters Be Hatin’

Fuck the haters.
Fuck the haters.

It’s crucial to my job to put a smile on my face, because no one wants to look at a frowning chick on a webcam. If I’m in a bad mood, I stay off camera, since there is no need to take anything out on strangers that are trying to escape from their own worlds.

Sometimes people don’t understand that even though I sell fantasies, I am a real person with real feelings – and like everyone else, real problems. Most of the time people are super nice, but if I’m having an “off” day in my personal life, a smite comment can take the brightness out of the day. Usually, I can be thick-skinned and brush it off, so why does the comment continue to stick in my brain?

I was having one particularly bad weekend a few weeks ago. I had contacted my ex regarding something about our (adult) kid. It turned out to be no big deal, and he was pleasant about what I’d sent him. Two hours later, I get a hateful text from him saying that since I’ve moved on to never contact him about anything ever again. And then I’m pretty sure he blocked me. I was stunned. I showed the text to three different people – and every one of them said he didn’t send that, that his new girlfriend did. I realized they were right, because it was different from his “writing” and was totally something an insecure woman would say. The thing that really pisses me off is that they’ve been together since he and I were separated, and I purposely have gone out of my way trying to avoid them both in the small town we live in. And when I do see them, I either ignore them or if that’s impossible, wave a small “hello” and get on my way. I think that’s a pretty fair thing for me to do as an ex. So not only did this bitch create drama that never existed, her text brought up emotions that I thought I’d dealt with and reminded me of things I wanted to forget. It basically ruined my weekend, because it happened on Friday afternoon. Next time I run into him, I’m going to flat out ask if he really sent that text, whether or not she’s standing there, and hope karma bites her in the ass.

That same weekend, I had two chargebacks from deadbeat customers that were given a Skype show and canceled their payments. Fucking scamming cowards. I have zero tolerance for dishonesty and theft. This happened a third time this week. These people are essentially stealing my grocery money. Karma is a bitch.

And then came snide remarks from people online. I belong to some foot fetish groups on Facebook in which we post feet photos. If someone doesn’t like my feet, I don’t see the need to comment at all… just move onto something you do like, right? In one day alone, there were three or four dickhead comments. And then there are those people that create fake profiles on the camming sites with the sole purpose of insulting models. Of course, there were the great comments, so why do the negative ones seem to have more of an impact?

Strange Requests

I entertain normal fetishes.
I entertain normal fetishes.

Just like with any job, sometimes the people you have to deal with are a little “different”, to put it lightly. But in the adult industry, “different” is an understatement. The types of requests I get range from normal or typical to complete WhatTheFuck.

For example, this guy sends me this same exact email about once a week. Same copy/paste crap. And I know I’m not the only one he sends it to, because my friend on eBanned gets the same email:

Would you sell me socks? Get them way stinky but send them to another slave because I’m a loser and to humiliate me? Have him take pics if smelling and describe what they Smell like? Will you tease me how smelly there getting what shoes you wear them in and that I’ll never get them ? Will you ask if he’ll cum on them and take pics? Will you mismatch 2 cartoon or little girl sock s to humiliate me? How much? Auction them so you get paid twice. Make me thank and beg each bidder? Ill pay will you please i have the $ will pay

I’m sure he does this to numerous women, but his method of madness doesn’t work for me. First of all, anything that involves “little girl” in the request crosses a boundary for me, and I refuse to entertain it.

I, like others, finally had to block him.

Friday FAQs – Why Are You a Cam Model?

I love sheer lingerie
I love sheer lingerie

I’m at a point in life in which if I’m not happy with my job, I’m going to find something else to do. I don’t believe in being unhappy every day, getting up and repeating. That’s just insanity. The high-security job I have/had (hours cut big time so I won’t be doing it for long) is a low-paying, extremely stressful rat race that often requires unpaid training and extra unpaid work hours. It got to the point that my job was literally making me sick, resulting in medical bills that I couldn’t afford. When my hours were cut, it was just one more thing to drive me into another direction. But I was confused as to what direction I should go, because nothing inspired me.

An older friend knows that I am a much happier person when I’m self-employed. She suggested finding something that I’m good at and enjoy, and go to work for myself. I’m independent and work much better alone than with groups. I’ve never felt like I have ever “fit in” anywhere, and I’m really a nonconformist when it comes to rules or expectations of certain careers. I racked my brain thinking what can I do that I enjoy that is also profitable?

While I am good at many things, I’m not an expert at anything. I have very diverse interests and talents, but it seems like I’d tried it all before with only minimal success (mainly because most of it required me to be somewhat of a sales person, which is not me by any means). Everyone knows that sex sells (without much effort, I might add), so I thought maybe I can combine the talents I enjoy (writing, modeling, blogging, etc.) with sex. But how? Because I certainly wasn’t going to prostitute myself out.

A friend had (jokingly?) suggested I should be a cam model, because I’d sent him a short video of me pleasing myself. But I told him I wouldn’t know where to begin. I’d never done such a thing, and I didn’t know anything about being a cam model. Besides, how can I compete with a bunch of 20-somethings with perfect firm bodies? Then I learned that there are plenty of men out there enjoying cougar cam models, some my own age that prefer someone with a maturity level of their own. Others are younger men that have cougar fantasies. Perfect, I thought, that’s how I will market myself.

Within a week, I ended up meeting someone that manages cam models. I tried to get more info out of him, but he was unreliable. Another week or so later, I met someone else that introduced me to My Free Cams, because his ex-girlfriend used to do it. I decided that this was no coincidence – three times within a couple of weeks was a sign that I needed to do more investigating and get on board.

As of this writing, it’s been almost 4 weeks since I signed up and broadcasted my first cam show. It’s definitely a learning curve between figuring out how to navigate the site, setting up my room for shows, and promoting myself. Within that time, I’ve worked half of the hours and made the same money doing the other job I hated. I make my own hours and work from home. My goal is to continue building clients and income, and eventually, this will lead to following other dreams that nothing else I’ve done has provided.


Friday FAQs – Most Frequently Asked Questions

Sheer facts
Sheer facts

Ever since I started camming, I noticed many of the same questions frequently being asked. I figured it’s time to put some of these questions to rest, because I tend to get bored repeating myself. So here’s a little more about me:

What size are you?

Does size matter? 😉 5’4”, about 115 pounds. Size 5 in shorts/pants/dresses and panties… or small/medium depending on the make. Size 8 shoe. 32DDD or 34DD bra.

How old are you?

Let’s just leave it at this – I’m over 30. Around 40-ish.

What are your favorite things to wear?

I would say #1 would be my birthday suit. 😉 I like really soft clothing, anything silky or soft cotton against my body. When I go out, I like wearing sexy dresses and high heels.

Do you like younger men?

Of course! I don’t call myself a cougar for nothing. Most of the men I date are 5-15 years younger.

What’s the youngest you’ve been with?

You’ll find that info on this post: What’s the Youngest You’ve Been With?

Do you like women?

You can find that answer on this post: I Kissed a Girl and I Liked It.

What are your turn-ons?

Physically, I really like nice eyes and smiles. Nice butts – because I like to have something to grab onto while I’m fucking. Cleanliness – clean fingernails is a must, because if you’re planning to put your fingers somewhere, you’re damn right they’re going to be spotless. Chemistry has a lot to do with being turned on, so that’s an obvious one. Scent is VERY important to me, so good oral hygiene is a must. Some colognes turn me into a wild beast while others make me want to vomit. In the bedroom, someone that knows what they are doing, allows me to be aggressive and returns the favor.

Mentally, I find that someone that can hold a conversation, is well-spoken, thoughtful, empathetic, well-mannered, confident, has many interests, and can stimulate my mind is a huge turn-on. Intelligent, but not boring. Down-to-earth, trustworthy, respectful, humorous, communicative.

What are your turn-offs?

Arrogance. Jealousy. Insecurity. Rudeness. Bigotry. Racism. Selfishness. Bad breath or body odor. Anyone trying to dominate me or tell me how I should feel or act. Fakes. Big babies. Anyone that doesn’t appreciate me or my need for space. Neediness.

Favorite position?

Like a lot of women, I like it on top. It’s easier for us to control the depth of the penetration and the motion of the ocean. 😉

Do you like anal?

I’ve never tried it, but I’m pretty certain a dick isn’t going to fit in there without doing some damage. A fingertip is good in the heat of the moment. Other than that, it’s not my thing.

Do you have another job?

Yes. It’s a high security job, so I can’t give out anymore info. So I will just leave it at that.

Are you single? Do you have kids?

Yes, I’m single and loving it. Yes, I have kids, but I’m not going to discuss that here.

Do you work out?

I hate gyms and group settings, so I work out at home doing yoga or dancing. I’m also very involved in outdoor activities, such as biking.

Where do you live?

For obvious reasons, I’m not going to announce that. But I will just say I live in the United States.




Days as a Foot Fetish Model

Foot fetish, anyone?
Foot fetish, anyone?

About 12 or so years ago, I was selling all sorts of things on eBay. A good friend informed me that women were also selling their worn panties and “smelly” shoes to men with foot fetishes. I was a little taken aback about the used panties, because I didn’t find that it was sanitary (once I learned of the money involved, I changed my mind). As for the smelly shoes, I didn’t understand it, but I didn’t find any issues with it. It turned out to be a profitable concept – until ebay kicked off sellers for showing our feet “incorrectly” according to their strict photo guidelines. God forbid a braless foot is hanging out of a shoe and winking at you.

Someone came up with a great idea for a site like eBay but for adult items. Ebanned was it. (I had a ton of great feedback; my screen name at the time was SexyJulie with only one X. I deleted my account once I got into a serious relationship.) It didn’t take long to get into the foot fetish business, and I still didn’t understand it until someone explained the history of it. This is information I have yet to find online.

The fetish guy said that the soles of the feet release pheromones, and back in the caveman days, men would smell the ground to sniff out a woman. This is why highly scented (or “stinky”) shoes are hot commodities for those with foot fetishes. Then of course, there’s the visual aspect of feet – toe alignment, wrinkly soles, nice pedicure – all contribute to foot attraction.

However, I’d never thought I’d be a candidate for pretty feet. It wasn’t until I met someone that told me I had perfectly aligned toes and “cute feet”. That was completely opposite of what I thought I had – and I had always tried hiding my toes because of it, and this is why: When I was in high school, a boy that I’d had a huge crush on for several years made fun of my feet, saying I had short, stubby toes like an elephant and they looked like I kicked in a wall. Wow, yes, he was that mean. I became super self-conscious of my feet after that. I had also been made fun of for having such wrinkly soles, but for foot fetish men, this is a huge plus. So fuck what anyone else thinks, because now I can make cash from my stubby toes and wrinkled soles. 😉

I had plenty of shoes to sell and did quite well when I began. I learned that good photos are key to selling anything, and before long, I had an entire collection of foot photos that I also eventually ended up selling. I had some strange requests, like squishing strawberries between my toes and even sucking my own toes, but I drew the line when someone asked me to step in dog shit with my bare feet.

At some point, I moved to a large city where monthly foot fetish parties were held. There, I met men that would pay me to “model” my feet to them in person, which usually meant them rubbing my feet and sucking my toes. A few wanted “foot jobs”, which is like a hand job but with feet. For me, it was easy work and a way to network safely, because other women could verify whether or not someone was safe to work with alone.

Now that I am back to my old self and single again, I’m getting back into the foot fetish business, setting up some photo shoots, and trying to figure out which of my smelly or worn shoes I want to sell. More to post about this later…

Getting Naked at the Beach

At the nude beach
At the nude beach

I posted a few weeks ago – I like being nude, but I lied. I LOVE being nude – and being nude outdoors even more so. As much as possible, I try to visit nude beaches. It’s a sense of freedom that I haven’t felt anywhere else. Not to mention being able to skinny dip under the sky and open earth (as opposed to behind a fence in the privacy of a backyard) is something that is so liberating, I can’t really explain it. It’s something that truly must be experienced if you haven’t done it already.

Typically, I travel alone. Once in a while I’ll meet up with friends if I know they’re also going to be there. Generally, I like my space and my privacy at the beach; I’m there to relax, enjoy the atmosphere, read and write. It’s my quiet time with nature. Most people are respectful of space and privacy, but not always. One creepy guy tried to pay me a compliment recently by asking me a question, but he came waaayyy too close for my taste while pointing at something. I had the feeling he was just trying to be a perv. (Instinct is always right!) I was reading a book, making no eye contact and minding my own business when he decided it was okay to make an excuse to ask me a question (that’s usually what creepy guys do). I put my book in front of my breasts so he would get the idea I’m not there to be picked up or gawked at. He came even closer to talk to me and I quickly brushed him away. I don’t care if I’m nude or dressed from head to toe – when I need/want my space and privacy – I don’t need someone to take that away from me.

Of course, being alone at a nude beach means you’re a target to get hit on. So far in my experience, it’s been much older men at these places… ones that may be old enough to be my father. (If you’ve been following my blog, you’ll know that I’m just not into that. 😉 ) A few weeks ago, a nice looking guy about my age didn’t know it was a nude beach, so he asked me some questions. I didn’t mind answering him – he kept a safe distance from me, which told me he respected my space. Another guy that I ended up befriending had done something similar. I don’t care what beach you’re at (clothing optional or not), when a man approaches you at the beach, more than likely he is trying to hit on you. Otherwise, if they really had a question, they could ask the guy sitting 20 yards away, right?

With that being said, I recently started looking into nude resorts. Although I’d love to experience those as well, they’re quite pricey. It seems that most require memberships, which at the moment are well out of my price range. That doesn’t even include overnight fees. A few will over a “free pass” for single women, so I may have to take up an offer and try it out for myself. I’m a pretty independent person and find that I tend to meet many more people when I’m alone, so I’m unsure if I’d want to take someone else along or experience this type of thing on my own. I’d love to hear some nude resort stories, tips, suggestions, etc. from any of my readers.



Friday FAQs – How Old Are You? What’s the Youngest You’ve Been With?

Hot and sweaty!
Hot and sweaty!

These are two questions I am asked quite frequently, so here it is…

I will begin with the latter, because it’s such a fun and hot-ass story to recall. A few years ago while I was going thru my breakup b.s., I was going out a lot. (Basically, sowing my wild oats, so to speak.) Once I realized that younger men were attracted to me, all I wanted were younger men and had no interest in any my own age at the time. Of course, going out frequently means you’re going to run into a lot of 20-somethings, since that’s usually what is single and also sowing their wild oats.

Anyway, some of my other single girlfriends were also going through the same ordeal as me, so we decided to take a trip to Florida to get the hell away from our problems for a week. One night we decided to watch a band, and even though I “thought” I had gotten over band guys while in my 20s, this one was amazingly talented, cute, and happened to flirt with me. Guitar Guy and I talked a few times, were both fully attracted to each other and learned we were both Leo’s (and we knew what that meant). He had blue eyes and an amazingly hard physique that I wasn’t used to having in front of me. So we decided to take a ride in his SUV once his band packed up for the night, and before we even left the parking space, we couldn’t stop making out in the front seat. It was getting late, and the area was well lit with cops circling everywhere, and we knew we had to leave. However, we couldn’t go back to either of our places, because we both were staying a distance and had early morning plans. Instead, we parked on a dirt road near some houses by the beach. Neither of us knew where we were.

It started out in the front seat with some hot-ass passionate kisses… the type that makes you want to keep going, keep tasting them and feeling their soul and becoming one…. Guitar Guy had shoulder-length hair that made me hotter when I ran my hands through and pulling it, pulling him closer to me, biting his lip and tasting the salt on his neck. I wanted him inside me now. (His dick was much bigger than I’d suspected, so it was no disappointment at all; in fact, quite a nice hard surprise. 😉 )

Guitar Guy suggested moving to the backseat, which had more space but papers and crap all over the back. Neither of us cared at that point anyway. But the pause made us both started asking each other questions in no particular order…. Are you safe? Yes. Do you have a condom? No, do you? No. (More conversation about that went by.) By then we were both naked and still all over each other and didn’t want to stop. Can you get pregnant? No. How old are you? 21. Ohmygod, he’s a baby! How old are you? Old enough to… nevermind!

But that didn’t stop us at all, because I was straddled on top of him, windows up, motor off as to not attract any passersby or cops. The windows were steamed up so much we couldn’t see out of them. It was a HOT summer night on top of it. I rode him up and down, both of us sweating so much we were sliding all over each other. I came so hard my entire body was pulsating. He started to cum, pulled out, and we both were drenched in all of our bodily fluids, even in our hair. It was one of the most amazing, memorable sexual experiences I’ve had in my life. I would totally do it again, of course!

As of the first question, the only answer I will give about my age is this – I am over 30 and 40-ish. No need to give away all my secrets, right?


My First Webcam Experience

To Show or Not to Show?
To Show or Not to Show?

Never in my life would I have thought that I’d try to be a webcam model. I’m a very private person and wouldn’t want to be “found out” by anyone that shouldn’t know what I’m doing. (That’s why you don’t see photos of my face anywhere.)

A few weeks ago an old friend said to me I should try it, that I’d probably make good money. I told him I wouldn’t even know where to begin, because I know nothing about it. Coincidentally, about a week later I met someone that recruits women for it, but he proved to be unreliable. A few days later, I met yet another person whose ex-girlfriend was a cam model. So here I am thinking this is certainly a sign that I should take a serious look into this. He informed me of a site that features women only, and I signed up. It took a few days to be approved (you have to show proof of age, etc.), then I created my profile and tried to figure out how the site works.

I viewed some other webcam models’ pages to see what they were doing to get an idea of what I was getting myself into. Most of them seemed to be young girls, probably college age. How was I going to compete with that, I thought. I did a search for “cougar” to see if anyone my own age came up, and there were less than a handful online. Perfect! This is how I’m going to market myself, because there are plenty of men that prefer women my age. Some of the younger models seemed to be giving it all away for free, so I’m not sure how they make any money doing this. Others sat there talking to people in chat. One woman looked absolutely miserable and just sat there looking like she was ready to cry; I felt sorry for her and wondered wtf she was doing on there to begin with.

Monday afternoon was my first cam show. I spent several hours off and on throughout the day learning how to work the site. I wore a white top with lace on the bottom that was a bit see-through if you looked hard enough. It was long enough to cover my ass, so I could easily lift it to reveal one of my favorite silky black thongs. Apparently, when you first start broadcasting, the site shows you as a new model, so people can easily find anyone on there. My “room” filled quickly with voyeurs and chatters. I had NO idea what I was doing. Some people were very helpful and advising me what not to do. Of course, there were the typical assholes that wanted to see everything for free and others saying some pretty weird shit. I had several pop-up windows with private messages that I didn’t know I shouldn’t answer (it takes attention off of the room chat – and then you lose those people who may be the tippers). You can also view the men if they have a webcam turned on, so some were asking me to watch them on cam while they jerked off, another one wanting me to watch him stick something up his hairy asshole. It was definitely a learning experience.

I made some tips in regular chat, then had the opportunity for “group chat” in which at least 3 members have to agree to go to a group to see a semi-private show. I had one awesome tipper. Within about an hour and a half or so I made $100. That was incentive enough to want to go on again, which I did later that evening. I had a “private show” (one person) that allowed me to go beyond my goal for the day. He was also a very helpful member in showing me the ropes of the site. Some of my friends logged on to let me know I was doing a great job and offered some supportive tips. My night ended successfully, and I beat my original goal.

On Tuesday, I set my goal to be the same as Monday. But it seemed MUCH slower than Monday. (I’ve always hated Tuesdays anyway!) I had to really work at it to make about half of what I had made previously for a lot more hours. I had one young guy that was into older women tipping me to do stripteases to some hair band music. That was actually fun, but a little exhausting. Then I did two group shows. The tips were nowhere near what they were on Monday – and this time I was wearing a black bra and panty set, so less than the day before. Hmmm…???

The next day, I was so sore from dancing and moving in ways my body wasn’t used to. It was difficult to get up from the couch! I spent the day running around gathering new outfits so that I could do some camming in the evening and make up for Tuesday’s unfinished goal. I dressed in a black thong (I have several),  a revealing black cover-up top that opened in the front and black stiletto fuck-me boots. logged on and waited a little bit, but no one was coming to my room. Maybe it’s too early, I thought. Maybe it’s a bad day of the week? I waited. And waited. Seriously, wtf is going on? It was nothing like the previous two days. Where the hell was everyone? Monday was definitely the best and most lucrative. How odd is that!

Well… then one of my new friends informed that I was no longer showing up as a “new model.” Huh?? I’m on day 3 and I’m no longer new? What’s going on? I emailed support, and surprisingly, I got an immediate reply. Models are only “new” during their first ten hours of broadcasting. What!!! I’d spent about half of those trying to figure out how the site works. As you can imagine, I was extremely disappointed. How are people going to find me now? I have a few friends that could only find me because I’d told them my screen name. Now what? I have goals to pay off some hefty medical bills… so how am I going to do it if no one can find me? Any suggestions?

All Day I Dream About Sex

Dreaming About Sex
Dreaming About Sex

Remember the old ADIDAS acronym in school? All day I dream about sex. Seriously. I never used to be that way. Perhaps that was because I was so busy working my butt off that I was too exhausted to think about it. I think about sex all the time, probably because I don’t get it nearly enough as I’d like and my hours have been cut to part-time. Now I have time on my hands to not only think about sex but to feel horny as fuck most of the time – even at work.

It seems that when I do actually have sex, it’s like a floodgate opening, and I just crave it more and more. The best way to describe it is I feel like I have a fire inside that needs attention. It’s almost a burning hot horny sensation like nothing I’ve ever felt. If someone simply touched me, it would make me cum. That’s how hot and sensitive I have become since becoming a cougar – just a deep burning passion that cannot be explained in words.

How I Became a Cougar

How I Became a Cougar
How I Became a Cougar

I had no idea I was a cougar until I’d turned 40 and ended a 10-year relationship. It was a difficult time of life with many stressful changes. I went out just to socialize with no intention of “hooking up”. For the first time in years, men were suddenly hitting on me. It was flattering after having not received that type of attention for a while, especially from much younger men. But at the same time, I was telling myself that they were just being nice and weren’t actually trying to pick me up. But I was wrong. Younger men were hitting on me constantly, and I was loving it.

More later…

A couple of my favorite toys…

Bunny Love!
Bunny Love!

I go thru sex toys frequently, like every 6 months or so, depending on their quality. I’ve tried several different types over the years and have found that anything that’s not coated with something rubbery is usually too hard. I like my toys to feel as natural as possible, like a real dick.

The purple rabbit you see here is one of my favorites. I’ve had it for a while, and… well, it’s broken. No more vibrating. Didn’t last long at all – maybe a few months. BUT – using it in combination with another toy does wonders! All I need is some clitoral stimulation and the insertion of the head of the purple phallus, and I can cum pretty quickly.

I have more toys I will talk about later, but so far these do the job pretty well. 😉


I Love Giving Head


When I am hot and heated, I love giving head. I don’t know what it is (maybe being closer to pheromones down below?), but it really turns me on. Just like with having intercourse, the size of the dick is what is giving me the pleasure in my mouth. But a different type of pleasure – I think it takes care of my oral fixation.

Too big hurts my jaw, while too small is like sucking on a hot dog. So something in between like a nice six-incher with girth works for me. I love the types of heads with the fat mushroom on top – my favorite part to suck.

I used to find giving head a chore. Maybe I’ll write about that some other time.